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#17 715

Comings and Goings

by Ann Trainor Domingue

30" x 60" x 1.5" | acrylic on canvas | $5,600.00

Status: Sold

Current Location: Portland Art Gallery, ME

Life along the waterfront has provided such rich shapes, colors, forms and textures to work with in my art. All things nature provided blended with the creativity of men and women who make their living from the sea. I love the interaction of curves and sharply defined rectangular forms, as well as the scruffy high tide line leave-behinds. And all that these things represent in a life well lived. I provided a glimpse in this large work--one of my largest to date--of how I bring these elements together on a painted surface to hopefully present a new look at the continuation of a hardworking lifestyle and how we interact and live our lives surrounded by it--as a resident or an appreciative visitor.



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